Weiler MixerWeiler, a member of the Provisur Technologies family of food processing equipment, offers a full range of vacuum and non-vacuum mixers to ensure the mixing versatility processors must have to handle any protein application, including beef, pork, mutton, poultry, veal, seafood and more. Although both mixing technologies tout the same features, one does not include the vacuum.

Weiler vacuum mixers are designed with the sausage and poultry industries in mind. Air evacuation is an important feature of a vacuum mixer as processors remove air from the product to eliminate voids and ensure a consistent product density every time. Effective vacuum can significantly decrease the load time and the amount of mix time needed for protein extraction, an important component for better flavor, water holding capacity and improved yields.

Designed with sanitation and food safety in mind, Weiler mixers are made with heavy-duty, 100% stainless-steel construction. Shaft seals are uniquely designed to ensure optimum performance and hygiene. All food contact surfaces can be hand-polished for easy, effective cleanability to ensure optimum product quality and product safety. No internal ribs or baffles exist on the hood, which helps prevent product from adhering to this area. This promotes better yields, maximum effective cleanability and further ensures product safety.

Weiler non-vacuum mixers are specifically designed to enhance the quality and productivity of coarse-grind and fine-grind operations, whether your applications include hamburger patties or extended products ranging from meatballs to lunchmeat to hot dogs. The Weiler non-vacuum mixer difference begins with the homogeneous mixing action of its Twin-Overlapping, Counter-Rotating Paddle System with its reduced paddle RPM for gentle working of the raw material and reduced mixing times. This ensures better particle definition and end-product quality thanks to quick mixing action that is easy and gentle on your product. This paddle design and configuration are exclusive Weiler features.

Weiler mixers efficiently blend raw materials – incorporating spices, additives and liquids to deliver the most consistent, highest-quality end-product possible.

Weiler vacuum and non-vacuum mixers are also designed to complete seamless integration with other Weiler processing equipment. These heavy-duty mixers are built to last even in the most demanding of operating environments–and are designed to deliver greater performance, better sanitation and higher efficiency to your processing line.

Provisur Technologies Inc., with a family of proven brands, AM2C, Beehive, Cashin, Formax, Multitec, TST and Weiler, offers a complete platform for food processing equipment, including integrated systems, grinding, mixing, separating, forming, coating, cooking, freezing, slicing and autoloading equipment for processing beef, poultry, pork, fish, and other food products. For more information, visit www.provisur.com.