Grobbel’s was founded in 1883 in Detroit by Emil Wilhelm Grobbel, a young immigrant who had recently come to America.  From the beginning, Emil used his old-world values to build a business based on providing premium quality products, combined with value and service for the customer.  Over the years, these early principles have been responsible for the expansion of Grobbel’s products throughout the United States.

As a fourth-generation family business, Grobbel’s is committed to continuing the philosophy of its founder.  Current company president Jason Grobbel believes great products cannot be made without cleanliness and sanitation. With that philosophy, Grobbel searched for a conveyor company that would give Grobbel’s the ability to clean its conveyor quickly and sanitize it easily.  Grobbel believes they found the right conveyor from Dynamic Conveyor, of Muskegon, Mich. 

“The DynaClean conveyor is very unique in that it allows us to completely disassemble it with ease every night and ensures us full sanitation.  We know that we have a bacteria-free conveyor the next day,” says Grobbel.  Before discovering the DynaClean conveyor at a food processing tradeshow, Grobbel’s used conveyors that operated on the same general idea, but were bulky and didn’t have the refinement the DynaClean system has.  They were harder to work with and very difficult to clean.

The patent-pending design of the DynaClean conveyor allows for quick and easy cleaning and sanitation. Hand tools are not required to disassemble and reassemble the food processing conveyor; therefore, sanitation time and cross contamination from hand tools is greatly reduced.  “It dissembles without any special tools and it reassembles quite easily, as everything has a clear place to go.  It doesn’t require a lot of training, which is always a difficult challenge in a food processing environment,” explains Grobbel. 

The DynaClean conveyor system is built using plastic materials and minimal stainless steel.  The food-grade conveyor sidewalls are manufactured in a blue high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material.  HDPE is a durable plastic material approved by the USDA and commonly used as cutting board material.  The systems are customizable, which allowed Grobbel’s to have a drip pan designed specifically to meet the needs of its particular process.

“They worked very closely with us to meet this very exacting need that we had,” says Grobbel.  Other common additions to the conveyors are hoppers for ease of loading product onto the conveyor and scoop flights for quickly conveying bulk product.

Grobbel’s believes Dynamic Conveyor is filling a niche in the meat and food processing industries with the unique design of the DynaClean system and the ability to build and customize the systems to meet the needs of their customers.  “I have yet to find anyone who does what Dynamic Conveyor does,” Grobbel says.  “Their service is top notch. That’s what distinguishes a truly great company is that they really follow up thoroughly, after the sale, with any issues that may occur. I think they have a great future ahead of them.”


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