Visit Booth #2524, at the upcoming IFT Food Expo in New Orleans, LA, June 21st-24th and discover how HealthyChoices ingredients can benefit your formulations.

Sample a delicious “pig-in-a-blanket” made with Jungbunzlauer sub4salt cure, potassium lactate and sodium gluconate. Without compromise on taste or texture, these mini hot dogs are reduced in sodium by 47% and reduced in phosphates by 40%.

Jungbunzlauer potassium lactate is a smart way to reduce the sodium content in processed meat products. Substituting potassium lactate for sodium lactate reduces the sodium content of sausages by 25%. sub4salt cure, the first stable sodium-reduced curing salt substitute, combines the widely known and award-winning sub4salt with sodium nitrite. Combining potassium lactate with sub4salt curepermits a sodium content reduction of 55%, without compromising taste or microbiological stability. Sodium gluconate is a cost effective stabilizer permitting substantial phosphate reduction without compromise on taste, texture or shelf life.

While visiting our booth, sip refreshing ready-to-drink iced tea, a delicious alternative to conventional sweet tea. There will be two options to try, one made with citric acid, gluconic acid, potassium lactate and zinc citrate and another substituting sodium citrate for K lactate.  Our version of iced tea provides acid/sweetness balance and masks off-taste, while reducing sugar by 50% – with the additional healthy benefit of mineral fortification!

Jungbunzlauer offers multiple advantages for your food formulations. For more information, please reach out to Christina Rosse, 617.969.0900 or e-mail