Jungbunzlauer’s ingredients range provides effective solutions for the meat and poultry industry from breeding to processing. Jungbunzlauer’s lactic, gluconic and citric acids act as safe alternatives to antibiotics while our special citrates are highly bioavailable calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc sources for the mineral fortification of feed.

The citric and lactic acids are effective salmonella and E. coli control agents in antimicrobial intervention systems. Our citrates, diacetates, lactates and blends thereof ensure high food safety and extended shelf life in processed meat products.

Made by fermentation of renewable raw materials and readily biodegradable, the ingredients also contribute to make cleaners and sanitizers used in farms, slaughterhouses and processing equipment greener and safer, but still effective: citric, gluconic and lactic acids act as descaling agents in mild acidic cleaners, sodium citrate and sodium gluconate as chelating agents in alkaline ones. Xanthan gum as rheology control agent improves the cling of cleaners on vertical surfaces.

As sodium reduction remains a top trend in meat and poultry products, our sub4salt range, with or without nitrite, and the new, sodium free potassium lactate/potassium acetate blend have been gaining momentum where reducing sodium further has become a challenge. This year we will be showcasing our sodium reduction solutions by offering samples of specially prepared thick-cut bacon. Our thick-cut bacon has been cured using our sub4salt cure, resulting in a final sodium reduction of 32 percent, but with all the flavor and texture of full sodium bacon.

For more information, please reach out to Josh Wartenberg, 617-969-0900 or e-mail marketing-bos@jungbunzlauer.com.