Marel Stork Poultry Processing demonstrated SensorX SmartSort, a revolutionary new concept in X-ray bone detection and grading, at VIV Europe in Utrecht, the Netherlands, May 20-22.

The SensorX bone detection system now performs weighing using X-ray. The SmartSort is a discharge unit that can be positioned after the SensorX. Together, the SensorX and SmartSort combine X-ray bone detection and grading in one compact solution.

The SensorX SmartSort solution enables processors to gently divert product directly from the SensorX into a crate, box, or onto a conveyor based on weight or count. The SmartSort uses the weight information from the SensorX so there is no need for a dynamic weighing unit. This is one of the ways the solution frees up valuable space on the production floor.

Another way it saves space is by performing grading at slower speeds, without the need for a speed-up belt, because it doesn’t require as much product separation as a traditional grader.

For processors who already have a SensorX system, the SmartSort is available as an add-on for both the SensorX 23 and 25. The number of gates is configurable, and two drop heights are available.

At 130 products per lane per minute, the SensorX SmartSort helps processors perform high-quality bone detection and grading. At the end of the day, the combined solution of SensorX and SmartSort ultimately delivers a safer and more valuable product.