After a sewage-flooding incident in September, Case Farms’ Morganton, N.C. plant has improved its containment system to prevent chicken waste from entering the sewer system. The city issued Case Farms a notice of violation toward the end of September after an investigation revealed chicken waste parts from the plant had backed up into a sewer line and flooded into local businesses in Tannery Square, reports the News Herald.

Case Farms had 30 days after receiving the notice to submit a preliminary plan for correcting the problem, but moved quickly and submitted that plan to the city at the beginning of October, according to Brad Boris, director of the Morganton Water Resources Department.

“They’ve been very cooperative, very proactive,” Boris said. “They’re definitely committed to working toward the final solution.”

“They sealed off a drain, they built a higher containment wall around their equalization area and they’ve also extended and raised one of the containment walls,” Boris said. “Those were all completed by the first part of October.”

Source: News Herald