Whether it’s SuperExpanite, ExpaniteLow-T and ExpaniteHigh-T patented processes, the Expanite company is able to surface harden Austenitic, Martensitic, Ferritic and Duplex grades of Stainless Steel to reduce wear, fatigue, galling while maintaining or even improving corrosion resistance.

The Patented Expanite processes were developed over a 10 year period by professors and PhD. students at the Technical Universtiy of Denmark (DTU). And since its commercialization in 2010, the Expanite company has continued to rack-up success stories with it unique interstitial process for hardening stainless steel and titanium.

The ability to customize each process to the specific needs of the customer, application and alloy, is unheard of in the industry. Not only does it dramatically harden the surface, it offers customers greater flexibility in the selection of materials and geometries.

Expanite is a clean process which produces no residue – parts go in clean, and come out clean. And with Expanite’s unique ability to offer customers a choice between In-House Production or fast turn-around at one of its global production facilities, parts are delivered when customer need them; with no post-treatment cleaning or processing.

With Expanite's unique processes, it is possible to increase the material’s surface hardness tenfold (1200 – 1800 HV) and core hardness depths greater than 2mm have been achieved, while increasing corrosion resistance.
SuperExpanite treated Austenitic stainless steel has been tested to withstand 1300+ hours of salt-spray with no corrosion detected. Unprecedented performance - truly a game changer.  

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