According to Technomic’s Flavor Consumer Trend Report, 40% of respondents say they are more willing to visit a restaurant that features new and innovative flavors. Butterball Foodservice offers a wide variety of turkey products that can be used as a foundation for interesting taste experimentation, as well as a frequently updated source of expert recipes.

Diners are demanding more adventurous taste combinations. Bitter and sour flavors are gaining traction on menus across the nation, with their health benefits working to attract consumers’ attention. Since 2009, bitter flavors have become 4% more appealing, and sour flavors have increased in appeal by 8%.1 Fruit flavors are also thriving, with growing demand for fruit in traditionally savory recipes. Additionally, consumers are craving more complex spicy flavors, with preferences shifting from extreme heat to milder spice.

To help operations take advantage of these up-and-coming flavor trends, Butterball Foodservice provides menu inspiration, such as:

  • Mediterranean Power Salad with Blood Orange Vinaigrette: This protein-packed salad features kale, pistachios, quinoa, hard-cooked eggs and Butterball Turkey Medallions. A zesty blood orange vinaigrette combines sour notes with citrusy fruit flavors for an on-trend dressing option.
  • Kimchi Turkey Burger: Kimchi brings a hint of sour flavor to a Butterball Turkey Burger served on a Chinese steamed bun, balanced by the subtle heat and sweetness of sweet chili mayonnaise.

In addition to recipes, Butterball has a full line of turkey products that allow chefs to highlight a variety of flavors. The diverse lineup includes options such as the Turkey Breast Filet, Turkey Thigh Roast, Ground Turkey and Just Perfect Turkey Breast.

Chef Tony Seta, Director of Culinary Services for Butterball, says, “At Butterball Foodservice, we understand the importance of menu differentiation, and we’re focused on supplying recipes and products that help chefs and operators stay abreast of upcoming flavor trends. As consumers’ palates become more and more adventurous, Butterball has solutions for all segments of the foodservice industry.”

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