Dole & Bailey has announced that the company has received Non-GMO Project Verification.  In order to achieve this verification, Dole & Bailey underwent rigorous testing and third-party verification by Where Food Comes From Inc., the most trusted resource for third-party verification of food production practices.  The Non-GMO Project Verified seal assures consumers that products with this label have been made in compliance with the best possible practices for GMO avoidance.

“We are honored to earn NON-GMO PROJECT VERIFICATION!  Dole & Bailey is committed to using third party sources to verify our handling, processing and record-keeping procedures providing full farm to fork traceability,” said Nancy Matheson-Burns, the president and CEO for Dole & Bailey. “This certification is a tribute to our exceptional food systems and a hands-on dynamic staff who are passionate about our Food Hub! “

John Saunders, chairman and CEO of Where Food Comes From, added, “Today more than ever, consumers are removed from food production and want more information to be able to trust marketing claims on food labels. The Non-GMO Project Verified label provides integrity through third-party verification. We are pleased to provide this service for Dole & Bailey.”

Dole & Bailey was the 2015 Independent Processor of the Year. To read more about the company, go to

Source: Dole & Bailey