JTM Food Group is expanding its line of clean-label products with the addition of new Sous Vide Diced Beef, Pork or Turkey. The single ingredient products are allergen free, gluten free, naturally lower in fat, and have no added sodium or additives. The fully cooked, diced proteins are prepared using the sous vide method of cooking, which results in more consistent products that are tender and flavorful, and offer menu versatility.

In the sous vide method of cooking, the diced, raw meats are vacuum sealed in airtight bags then placed in a circulating water bath at a regulated temperature set much lower than traditional cooking methods. The process distributes the heat evenly so the meats are properly cooked on the inside without overcooking the outside. Many restaurants and large-scale food service operations are beginning to leverage sous vide cooked products because they do not have to sacrifice quality, taste or tenderness to enjoy the benefits that come from using fully cooked meats (food safety, consistency and ease of handling).

Starting with the 2016-2017 school year, school districts nationwide can divert their USDA Foods to JTM for processing into the Sous Vide Diced Proteins. The products come packed frozen in a 30-pound master case containing six boilable/steamable bags. All of the products meet the protein requirements for the school lunch segment and come with a Processor Formulation Statement (PFS Sheet). The line consists of the following:

  • Item # 5887 Sous Vide Diced Beef (USDA Foods Accepted: 100156 Beef Special Trim) 3.27 oz. CN Serving Size provides 2.0 M/MA
  • Item # 5888 Sous Vide Diced Pork (USDA Foods Accepted: 110138 Pork Leg Roasts) 3.45 oz. CN Serving Size provides 2.0 M/MA
  • Item # 5889 Sous Vide Diced Turkey (USDA Foods Accepted: 100883 Turkey Thighs) 2.86 oz. CN Serving Size provides 2.0 M/MA

Executive Chef Robert Lafond, Director of Culinary Services at JTM, said, “Today’s schools are looking for versatile, minimally processed products that they can use to create a variety of different dishes. These products are perfect for speed-scratch, or what we like to call, fresh-scratch recipes. Our new Sous Vide Diced Proteins give the end-users a blank canvas — with the addition of a few simple ingredients, they can easily create a wide array of menu options. For example, the Sous Vide Diced Beef can be transformed into an Asian-inspired dish like General Tso’s beef and broccoli, or into classic comfort foods like beef stew and stroganoff. Or, season and shred the diced beef and serve on a build your own burrito line. The possibilities are endless!”

JTM’s Vice President of Education Sales, Brian Hofmeier, added, “There is a growing demand for cleaner label products in our industry. And while some districts have the labor and ability to do a lot of scratch cooking, there are many districts that are looking to manufacturers for fully prepared solutions that carry a cleaner label. They need the added benefits of fully cooked products to help them manage costs, address labors issues, and ensure food safety measures. We are excited to offer this new line to the K-12 market because it addresses some of the hottest items on a food service director’s wish list: cleaner labels, versatility, and increased food safety.”

For complete product specs, nutritional information and recipes, visit www.jtmfoodgroup.com/schools. If you have questions or would like to request samples, please contact Amy McAdams at 513-367-4900 ext. 186 or by email at amymcadams@jtmfoodgroup.com