Today Butterball announces the launch of Farm to Family, a new product line produced completely from turkeys raised with no antibiotics ever. Farm to Family was created to meet today’s consumer demand and to demonstrate Butterball’s commitment to making delicious, nutritious and affordable food in a responsible way. Farm to Family products are American Humane Certified, made from turkeys which were raised on a vegetarian diet, based on whole grains containing no animal byproducts or hormones, without any antibiotics.

“We listened to our consumers. They like options and Farm to Family is another way we can reach their table. Raising turkeys responsibly is not just who we are, it’s what we do,” Ivan Arrington, Director of Insights and Innovation for Butterball. “We believe nutritious and all-natural turkey products should not compromise taste or price.”

All Farm to Family by Butterball products provide consumers with a wholesome eating experience at an affordable price. Farm to Family turkeys are raised with no antibiotics, hormones, or steroids – ever.

Expanding Butterball’s offerings, the Farm to Family by Butterball product line includes:

  • All Natural Ground Turkey Breast: Our leanest alternative that’s both healthy and delicious
  • All Natural 93% lean/ 7% fat Ground Turkey: Creates tasty meals like chili, meatloaf and more
  • All Natural Turkey Burger Patties: Perfectly proportioned patties make meal time easy

Farm to Family products are now available in select markets and prices will vary by retailer. For more information on Farm to Family products, visit