For years, ambitious plans for great-tasting dinners have been thwarted by a singular moment of panic, when you remember the chicken is still in the freezer. Today General Mills launches its newest dinner solution, Freezer to Plate, in an expansion of The Good Table product line that brings its easy, gourmet-style meal preparations to frozen chicken. Freezer to Plate pairs one of four new restaurant-inspired sauce varieties with rice or pasta for a remarkably simple, one-decision meal that eases the pressure of dinner planning – and the pain of that moment you realize you forgot to thaw the chicken.

Requiring less than five minutes of prep time, Freezer to Plate lets you simply combine rice or pasta with water, and add chicken straight from your freezer along with one of four sauce varieties – Lemon Garlic Herb, Marsala, Southwestern or Teriyaki. Bake for 45 minutes, and you have a gourmet-style dinner prepared with ingredients you can feel good about. Each Freezer to Plate package also includes suggestions for tasty add-on ingredients, such as avocado and fresh lime juice for extra Southwestern flare.

“Everyone can relate to the frustrations associated with a planned dinner gone wrong, with the classic example of failing to set the chicken out in the morning being a common occurrence,” said Liana Miller, Marketing Communications Planner for The Good Table. “Those collective experiences really served as the inspiration for Freezer to Plate, as we set out to develop a ‘go-to’ product to turn to in those meal planning crunch times. It’s a convenient, easy, flavorful way to bring the family together.”

True to The Good Table’s focus on quality ingredients, Freezer to Plate does not contain artificial flavors, high-fructose corn syrup or colors from artificial sources. The Good Table product line also includes great-tasting sauce and crust mixes for chicken and fish in four flavors: Parmesan & Herb, Southwest Tortilla and Thai Peanut for Chicken, and Lemon & Herb, making it easy to make restaurant quality meals at home.

Freezer to Plate has a suggested retail price of $2.99, and is available at Walmart stores and select retailers nationwide. For more information on The Good Table’s Freezer to Plate, please visit