In what may be the most controversial breakfast election in recent memory, the contentious battle between sausage links and patties has ended with a split decision.

According to a national survey by Bob Evans, links won the day as America’s #1 breakfast sausage. In the state-by-state results, 30 states (mainly on the coasts) chose links as the best breakfast sausage versus only 18 states (in the Midwest and South) picking patties. Battleground states, Florida and North Carolina, illustrating again how they earned the moniker, were split 50/50 between the two contenders.

In the end, links were the clear winner among both genders, all generations, and Democrats and Republicans alike. Libertarians, forging their own path as usual, were the only group to prefer patties.

Other results include:

  1. There is a bit of a gender gap. A clear majority of women chose links (59% vs 41%), but the difference is much less among men (52% vs 48%).
  2. Links are the sausage choice for Millennials and Gen X, but only slightly edge out patties among Baby Boomers and Greatest Generation (59% and 57% vs. 51% and 52%).
  3. Democrats prefer links by a slightly higher margin than Republicans (57% and 53%, respectively) while Libertarians strongly preferred patties (62%).

However, controversy remains as Patties were the clear winner in the popular vote, with voters online choosing the Farm Boy favorite over the linked variety. With a 2,000 vote lead, patties seemingly are the winner in the hearts and minds of online sausage lovers.

The division is unsurprising, given that sales within Bob Evans Farms restaurants of sausage patties nearly double those of links (2.1million vs. 1.2 million lbs./yr.). Coincidentally, linked sausage takes the edge over patties in nationwide sales of Bob Evans Grocery Products (9.5 million vs. 9.4 million lbs./yr.). Given the split, it is obvious the debate over the better sausage will continue at breakfast tables across the country for years to come.

As a way to forge a path forward and build consensus after this contentious election, Bob Evans is offering a coupon so every customer can get a free side of sausage starting on Wednesday, October 19, at any Bob Evans restaurant. Bob Evans wants to encourage sausage link and patty lovers to experience something new and think outside their typical meat. The coupon, which is valid through the January inauguration, can be found here:

“Links carried the day in the Sausage Selection Election nationally this year but that can always change. By 2020, we might see a swing toward patties,” said John Fisher, President of Bob Evans Restaurants. “Bob Evans is about sausage, be it links, patties, or even turkey. We know that America loves sausage of all kinds. That love can build bridges and create a more unified country.”

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Source: Bob Evans