Ensuring meat products have reached the proper internal temperature during cooking is essential, and two new videos highlight the importance of correctly using a meat thermometer. The videos feature University of California Davis Cooperative Extension Specialist Christine Bruhn, Ph.D., who has done extensive research on consumer food safety habits. Dr. Bruhn explains the variety of meat thermometers available on the market, how they differ and details the proper way to calibrate a variety of meat thermometers so they accurately measure the temperature when used.

“Using a food thermometer is the only reliable way to confirm that meat and poultry reach the proper temperature, but also to ensure it is not overcooked and dry,” said Dr. Bruhn. “Unfortunately, too many people skip this critical, yet easy to follow cooking step.”

The “Expert’s Guide to Food Thermometers” video provides an introduction to a range of thermometer styles including dial, digital, fork, pen, and Bluetooth enabled models. Viewers can see how each thermometer records temperatures,  In “How to Calibrate a Meat Thermometer,” Dr. Bruhn explains how calibration can be done at home with a glass of ice water and how to adjust a thermometer if it is inaccurate. She recommends calibrating thermometers seasonally or before a big gathering.

The videos were done in partnership with the North American Meat Institute and complement the Meat Institute’s “Ask the Meat Scientist” series which includes video explanations of how to use a meat thermometer in cuts ranging from beef steaks and roasts to pork chops and whole poultry products.

“People love meat, but research shows they may not have the information they need to cook it properly to ensure safety,” said Meat Institute Senior Vice President of Public Affairs Janet Riley. “Our videos are designed as a simple guide to preparing safe and delicious meat and poultry products every day.”

All of the videos are available on the Meat News Network YouTube channel.

Source: NAMI