Loma Systems will be highlighting a wide range of ‘Check and Detect’ contaminant inspection equipment for the global food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries at Pack Expo 2017 (Booth #C-4214). The next-generation IQ4 metal detector, with 35% improved detection sensitivity, and the compact X5C X-ray and Checkweighing combination machine, specially designed to ensure compliance with retailers’ codes of practice and average weight legislation, will be on display.  The exhibit will also feature the company’s durable, flexible and factory-friendly X5 series of X-ray inspection models - used widely by food producers across the world.

IQ4 Series Metal Detectors

The revolutionary IQ4 series of next generation metal detection systems by Loma offers significantly improved sensitivity compared to previous models and a plethora of exciting ‘industry first’ features purposely designed to deliver optimum production line efficiencies. With the combination of enhanced Auto Learn functionality, improved product screening and more sophisticated signal processing, the IQ4 provides significant improvements in detection performance.

The IQ4 technology has enabled Loma to introduce true Variable Frequency to its Pipeline, Waferthin and Vertical Fall metal detectors for the first time. Operating between 31-882 kHz, all metal detectors in the IQ4 series are capable of automatically selecting correct operating frequency so changes in products or packaging that necessitate an alteration in frequency no longer require costly and inconvenient operator intervention.  In addition, Variable Frequency allows processors to easily run different pack sizes and shapes whilst benefiting from improved stability and sensitivity.

For an industry first, all IQ4 metal detector models boast a newly designed 7” color touchscreen with a modernized and more intuitive interface that has been developed to simplify operation.

The horizontal search heads feature a ‘beyond’ IP69K rating as standard for the ultimate in robustness.  A unique new blue sealing helps make the machine resilient to a host of tough factory conditions, ranging from vibration and thermal fluctuations as a result of inspecting frozen products, to harsh high pressure, high temperature wash-downs with corrosive chemical agents.

The IQ4 series of metal detectors also offers Performance Validation System (PVS) testing, product speed control, connection to TRACS software for centralized data reporting, support for biometric security and robust support for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

X5c/CW3 Combination X-Ray System and Checkweigher

The popular X5C X-ray and CW3 Combo inspection system from Loma is capable of weighing products while simultaneously inspecting for foreign bodies, all in one integrated system.  The integrated ‘detect and weigh’ technologies ensure food safety for brand protection and consistency in weight, size and shape.

Measuring just 2.5 meters in length, it can be easily integrated where production space is limited. Produced from 304 grade stainless steel, the combo unit is lead free and offers an unrivalled IP66 wash down design. Capable of running at speeds up to 150 packs per minute, it is operated using two independent control panels and has separate reject bins for out of weight and contaminated products.

The X5C unit reduces the cost of ownership of X-ray technology by 30% when compared to the company’s other X5 models, making it ideal for companies keen to make the switch to X-ray for the first time or to replace lower performance, ferrous-in-foil twin head metal detectors.

The X5C is ideal for the detection of all metal types, glass, calcified bone, rubber and stone in various packaging, even for products in foil or metallized film. The machine is capable of handling products up to 100mm (height) x and 300mm (width) and weighing up to 6kg – making it ideal for a wide range of inspection applications.

The fast and accurate CW3 series checkweighers can cope with a wide variety of flexible and rigid packs over a broad range of weight and has many options to meet all application needs, with options such as reject confirmation, bin full sensors and infeed guides.

For more information on the innovative and reliable equipment from Loma, stop by booth C-4214 at Pack Expo 2017 in Las Vegas on September 25-27.

For more information, visit www.loma.com.