Dakota Pack, a division of Farmers Union Industries, announces to officially change its name to Redwood Farms Meat Processors. In a response to wide ranging changes in the business, Farmers Union Industries wanted to better incorporate the division into the FUI family to reflect the values of the company. The timing of this rebrand will coincide with the company’s current expansion project, which is resulting in a facility with double the processing capacity. The expansion of the cull hog processing facility is expected to be completed this month.

The new name - Redwood Farms Meat Processors - will allow the business to better emphasize its overarching goal to enhance the way their meat is processed. Redwood Farms will communicate the company’s commitment to being a better business partner, customer, employer, and overall a better business. This means that customers will see and know enhanced products that hold a higher standard of quality and customer service than ever before.

“As we rebuild the brand to reinforce the FUI values into our market position, we want everyone to know that this is a clearly better company and we are busy preparing for the next phase of our transformation, which is to incorporate quality and innovation in everything we do,” said Duane Anderson, President and Chief Executive Officer.

“By implementing this plan, we will greatly improve our position to bring more value to our customers and offer greater solutions to help them win in the marketplace.”

The new name is effective immediately, and will be implemented across the company’s products and service throughout the remainder of the year.

Source: Redwood Farms Meat Processors