Industry Vets Aaron Lee and Jeffrey Landsman have teamed up to purchase the intellectual property of J & D’s Foods, “World Leaders in Delicious” and sellers of Bacon-Flavored products. Lee and Landsman have worked together for over 5 years as producer and broker with the Jam Shoppe products.

“We just thought the time was right to put our talents together and buy this fun and cult-like brand.” said Landsman.

“People love all things Bacon so why shouldn’t we have some fun with the line.” continued Lee.

 J & D’s Foods offers products like Baconnaise, Bacon Pop, Bacon Croutons and Bacon Salt. All products are Natural, vegetarian and kosher. Retailers like HEB, Kroger’s and Ingles, as well as many others offer these delicious and fun products, nationally and internationally. UNFI, KEHE, DPI, and Super Value are just some of the distributors the company enjoys selling to.

J & D’s Foods was started as a lark between two friends who won $5000.00 on America’s Funniest Videos. They started the company in Seattle in 2007.

Landsman owns and operates Specialty Food Sales, a retail food brokerage company located in Baltimore, Maryland. Lee owns The Jam Shoppe, producers of Jams and fruit butters headquartered in Altura, Minnesota.

Source: L and L Specialty Foods