The American Meat Science Association (AMSA) started a new journal focused on edible products from commonly farmed and/or harvested meat animal species. The goal of this journal is to offer a broad scope of peer-review manuscripts related to meat science. Meat and Muscle Biology is the Official Journal of the American Meat Science Association and is a gold open access journal now taking submissions. 

“Our goal is to provide our members with an outlet to publish their research on anything related to meat science and get it out to the widest possible audience,” stated Thomas Powell, AMSA Executive Director. 

Meat and Muscle Biology Infographic
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There are three major things that set this journal apart from all others that publish meat science research.

  1. The scope of this journal represents all animal species utilized for human consumption. It also spans the production chain, including ante-mortem and postmortem factors affecting meat and meat products.
  2. The journal is fully online and gold open access, meaning that every article is available immediately upon acceptance and formatting to be accessed by anyone in the world with an internet connection. There are no subscription fees. This provides researchers with the widest possible audience for the work of our authors.
  3. The journal is run by meat scientists for meat scientists. The American Meat Science Association is the world’s largest organization dedicated to all aspects of the meat science subject area. The editorial board is representative of the geographic and expertise diversity in AMSA. Any proceeds from publishing the journal are returned to the meat science community through investments in the journal and in new programs and services for AMSA members.

“There’s not a journal out there that exists where all of our members can publish. There are places where you can publish poultry research or red meat research or food safety research, but nothing that encompasses all of meat science. So, our goal with this was to open it up and say this is a journal for all of meat science. For all different species. Everything from free processing all the way further in the process. All the different kinds of research whether it’s food safety, sensory analysis to quality,” states Powell.

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