Hollymatic makes marinating easy with their HVT-30 Vacuum Tumbler that adds consistent quality to marinated menu items. This tumbling process increases yield, tenderizes product, reduces cook time, and evenly distributes flavor throughout product whether it is meat, fish or poultry. Using Hollymatic’s HVT-30 Vacuum Tumbler is a great way to add creative variety to your food offerings while increasing sales and profits for your operation.

Brann’s Steakhouse Restaurants in Michigan have been using Hollymatic’s Vacuum Tumblers for years. Mike Brann says, “With the Hollymatic Vacuum Tumbler, we find that the steaks hold juices better, cook better on the grill, don’t shrink up as much so we get better yields… and our customers have taken notice. We tumble for 15 minutes. That’s all it takes. All 10 of our restaurants are now equipped with Hollymatic Tumblers. This piece of equipment guarantees consistent flavoring, too, for every single steak we serve.”

The Hollymatic HVT-30 Vacuum Tumbler features:

  • A built-in vacuum pump
  • A programmable timer (10 – 6 minute increments)
  • 25 lb. maximum working capacity
  • Variable speed from 1 – 18 RPM
  • Compact size – only 22” x 21” x 17”H and 42 lbs.
  • 110/220 V, 50/60 Cycle, 1 Phase
  • See-through processing lid
  • Removable stainless steel tank with baffles

For more information, contact Hollymatic: 600 E. Plainfield Road, Countryside, IL  60525; (708) 579-3700; www.hollymatic.com