To keep pace with its growing national customer base, Branding Iron is adding an additional 47,455 square feet of frozen cold storage space, demonstrating the company’s commitment to managed growth over the next three years.

The food company has a strong brand portfolio and has experienced continued growth over the years. In 2017 it hit record volume sales due in part to the introduction of innovative new products, born out of consumer and product research for both the retail and foodservice industries.

According to Michael Riley, chief operating officer for Branding Iron, “Not only does this expansion allow for increased distribution support from the heartland of America, it is building on our customer-centric philosophy by providing enhanced service from coast to coast.”

This new facility is in a 5-million-square-foot underground warehouse district known as Rock City, located in Valmeyer, Illinois. It’s anything but ordinary. Built in an old limestone quarry, it features paved streets, lights, and office clusters, all in a highly organized and efficient logistics environment. “We are thrilled to have Branding Iron as part of Rock City. They embody the innovative and creative business approach that is vital to such a development,” says Joe Koppeis with Admiral Parkway Development.

Source: Branding Iron Holdings