With decades of combined controls experience, Multi-Conveyor's electrical team has built simplistic, standard powered equipment as well as complete, intricately controlled systems for the most complicated conveyor operation or integration.  This newly released video will briefly show how an electrical panel the size of a garage door, is actually built. The video is available at https://youtu.be/guVq6B7Jr-s

We start with UL listed or industry proven electrical components. Our electricians build the inner guts of the cabinet separately. When completed, the controls are placed into the cabinet while still in the horizontal position.

Our electrical team then precisely and delicately, attach the unit to one of our shop's six (6) overhead cranes that will lift the entire unit vertically into position.  This requires  a steady pace, human guidance and experienced crane operator.

Benefits of Multi-Conveyor's in-house Electrical team include:

  • Conceptual design and system layout
  • Decades of experience
  • PLC programming
  • Industry leading Touch screen controls
  • On-site electrical installation or start-up assistance (upon request)

Our full-service electrical team works directly with Mechanical Engineering through each stage of the build including FAT verification before shipment.  

The video then shows examples of recent conveyors built with precision controls to include:

  • Servo technology for high speed indexing, sweeps and retracts
  • VFD or Variable Frequency Driven motors for calculated timing;
  • Precision product merge, divert, combiners or laners
  • Photo-eye or camera vision for inspection, detection and rejection
  • or even controls to run this massive conveyor system with ease.

For more information, visit www.multi-conveyor.com.