The Certified Angus Beef brand recognized leaders in product quality, marketing and sales at the brand’s annual conference, held in Maui Sept. 26-28, where partners celebrated the brand’s 40th anniversary and explored merchandising and marketing solutions to satisfy growing demand for great-tasting beef.

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Lone Star Meats, Austin, Texas, was recognized with the Specialty Meat Company Marketer of the Year award. For more than 30 years, Lone Star Meats has been a leader in hand cutting Certified Angus Beef brand steaks for local restaurants. The team also offers the brand’s premier Prime and Natural products to signature restaurants in Austin and Dallas-Fort Worth. Lone Star’s focus on delivering top-quality beef also earned a No. 5 Sales Volume Independent Specialty Meat Company Foodservice Distributor award. ​

Macgregors Meat & Seafood, Toronto, Ontario, was recognized with the Top Sales Volume Independent Specialty Meat Company Foodservice Distributor award. A seventh-generation, family-owned meat company, Macgregors Meat & Seafood is a long-time leader in delivering the branded beef to local restaurants. The company has added the first offerings for Certified Angus Beef brand Natural and dry-aged beef in Canada. The products are hand-cut in Macgregors’ dedicated Wickson Room, which was added to celebrate the company’s historical family roots and dedication to quality.

National Beef Packing, Kansas City, Mo., was recognized as the Packer Marketer of the Year. National Beef invested in new resources to promote a full line of Certified Angus Beef brand product offerings, including Natural, Prime and case-ready cuts, and mark 35 years of offering the branded beef. The newly developed resources included numerous printed pieces, a dedicated website, videos and ongoing social media communications. National Beef also earned the Fabricator Proficiency Award for marketing the most cuts from each side of beef meeting the brand’s quality standards. The company’s locations in Dodge City and Liberal, both in Kansas, also were named Top Sales Volume Fabricators, ranking first and second, respectively. Both locations also earned Five Million Head Certified awards for sides of beef meeting the brand’s high standards since the plants first began offering the products. The company’s leadership in the global marketplace was recognized with a Top Sales Volume International Packer award, as well.

JBS USA, Greeley, Colo., was recognized with the International Packer Marketer of the Year award. Through focus on marketing and customer service, JBS supported retailers and foodservice distributors in key markets. The team assisted HEB-Mexico with marketing strategies and billboard promotions. Additionally, JBS worked alongside a distributor in Mexico to feature the high-quality beef at customer events and with high-profile restaurants. JBS also was named a Top Three Sales Volume International Packer, and the Greeley, Colo., location earned a Top Five Sales Volume Fabricator award. JBS in Grand Island, Neb., earned a Four Million Head Certified award for the number of beef sides meeting the brand’s high standards since the plant first began offering the products.

John Soules Foods, Tyler, Texas, was recognized with the Value-added Products Processor of the Year award. In 1994, John Soules Foods turned its focus to offering value-added meats, like marinated and fully cooked beef and chicken strips. The company’s specialties today include 10 Certified Angus Beef brand items, including fully cooked, ready-to-shred brisket. John Soules Foods’ creativity brings innovation to fresh and frozen beef cuts, helping retailers and restaurateurs offer great-tasting beef. Training and promotions supported the team’s focus on the brand, helping the company to earn the Top Sales Volume Processor award, as well. ​

Wolverine Packing Company, Detroit, Mich., was recognized with the Top Sales Volume Ground Beef Processor award. Wolverine Packing is an expert at delivering fresh ground beef and burgers, as well as frozen burgers, to restaurant chains nationwide. The team helps customers bring their best beef to the table with a focus on Certified Angus Beef brand products. Wolverine’s products include the brand’s Prime and Natural burgers and ground beef, which allows quality-focused restaurants to offer distinctive quality on their menus and ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Source: Certified Angus Beef