Praxair is a leading provider of cryogenic gases for food freezing and chilling. We also manufacture cryogenic freezing systems for use with either liquid nitrogen or liquid carbon dioxide. The Praxair team works with customers by analyzing their products' attributes and surveying the production area.

Praxair’s focus on the needs of each customer delivers the freezing and chilling support to target specific production goals.
Our “Tunnel Vision” provides options for product, process and price point. That lets the customer focus on achieving the desired product quality. Praxair’s gases and freezing systems help to increase production while achieving optimum cryogen efficiency. Find out more at

Praxair tunnel systems allow customers to:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Benefit from lower capital investment
  • Achieve excellent yield retention
  • Maintain high production rates in minimum space
  • Freeze a wide variety of products
  • Customize for changing production needs
  • Utilize turn up/turn down capability to save money

When visiting Praxair in booth B4521 at IPPE in Atlanta, be sure to ask about our food technologies lab services to customize a system for your freezing and chilling production lines.