Keystone Meats, a fourth-generation family brand offering premium quality canned meat and meal solutions, announces its transformation and innovation related to a non-BPA packaging initiative. The non-BPA packaging will allow the company to continue to commit to its consumers’ needs, while remaining true to Keystone’s authentic quality, all-natural meat standard.

BPA, otherwise known as Bisphenol-A, is a chemical used to produce reusable plastics and some epoxy liners in food cans. While the FDA has deemed levels of BPA in canned foods safe for human consumption, Keystone Meats listened to consumer requests for non-BPA canned goods. Keystone’s cans are also made with 100 percent recyclable aluminum and can be recycled infinitely with no loss of quality. Cans are the most recycled food and beverage containers in the world and have the highest scrap value.

“We’ve been working towards non-BPA cans for quite some time and are happy to continue using sustainable, 100 percent recyclable cans. We pride ourselves on making wholesome products that are good for the consumer and the environment,” said Pete Dorley, President of Keystone Meats.

This initiative to eliminate BPA and promote 100% recyclable packaging serves Keystone Meats’ mission to produce the best recipe-ready meat products possible. Keystone produces all natural chicken and beef. Keystone Meats invites the consumer to explore their products, ranging from canned meats to soup bases and broths, with a fresh perspective, and continues to reflect the brands continued ties to tradition and quality products.

Source: Keystone Meats