The North American Meat Institute awarded the Edward C. Jones Community Service Award to Tom Rosen, CEO of Rosen’s Diversified, Inc. and the Foundation for Meat & Poultry Research & Education awarded its Scientific Achievement Award to Dr. Bruce Tompkin.

“Tom and Bruce deserve recognition for their special contributions to the meat and poultry industry and beyond, to the communities we serve and to the greater body of scientific knowledge benefiting all,” said Meat Institute President and CEO Julie Anna Potts. “Their leadership is an example for the industry and they have our congratulations and special thanks.”

Tom Rosen is recognized with the Edward C. Jones Community Service Award for his significant contributions to support the communities in which Rosen’s operates. In addition to sharing his time and expertise in various Minnesota Agri-business and commerce organizations, Tom manages approximately $1.7 million in annual Rosen Family Foundation donations to approximately 70 different worthy organizations, including programs that support local education, youth, families and senior care; economic development and government; health and medicine, the environment; history and arts, and church and civic organizations. Rosen’s Diversified also makes annual capital contributions of over $2.3 million which go to various universities, research and scholarship foundations (including the Meat Institute) and youth development organizations such as the YMCA and Boys & Girls Clubs. Notably Rosen’s committed $1 million to the University of Wisconsin Meat Science Lab.

Dr. Bruce Tompkin received the Scientific Achievement Award in recognition of his lengthy distinguished career in food microbiology and research that led to critical scientific advancements in food safety for the meat and poultry industry.

Dr. Tompkin’s industry leadership regarding the principles of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, the concept of a food safety objective and the role of microbiological testing in food safety management systems, has significantly enhanced the industry’s knowledge about pathogens and developing effective prevention and control methods that improve product safety and prevent foodborne illness.

Since his retirement from ConAgra Refrigerated Foods, Dr. Tompkin has continued to promote food safety through his participation in various educational outreach activities and scientific committees, including at NAMI. Most recently, he has been an active member of the NAMI Appendix A&B Core Working Group, which aims to improve the guidance documents and help meat processors produce safer products with confidence.

The North American Meat Institute is the leading voice for the meat and poultry industry. The Meat Institute’s members process the vast majority of U.S. beef, pork, lamb, and poultry, as well as manufacture the equipment and ingredients needed to produce the safest and highest quality meat and poultry products.

The Foundation for Meat and Poultry Research and Education (Foundation) is a non-profit research, education and information foundation established to identify strategies that enable the meat and poultry industry to produce better, safer products and to operate more efficiently. The Foundation engages leaders from industry, academia and government to advance scientific understanding related to food safety, nutrition, the environment, animal welfare and worker safety, among other issues. The Foundation does not engage in policymaking, but provides scientific evidence and context to governmental agencies as needed. The Foundation also provides resources to consumers to empower them with information to select and prepare safe and nutritious meat and poultry products for their families.

Source: North American Meat Institute