Bee Valve Inc.'s new, 4" heavy-duty 404 Series nylon couplers/adapters have a heavier wall construction than the standard for greater strength. All 404 Series couplers come standard with four stainless steel handles for a more secure connection in higher-pressure applications. The fittings are constructed in glass-reinforced nylon for lightweight, with the strength to resist cross threading, thread seizure and "out-of-round" condition. The non-conducting nylon fittings are chemical resistant to most acids and are interchangeable with other couplers and adapters manufactured to MIL-spec.

Bee Valve Inc. is a manufacturer of low-pressure fluid control and handling products and offers a complete line of ball valves, couplers, adapters, strainers and fittings; as well as gaskets, clamps, gauges and sealants.

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