At a time when food manufacturers are looking to do more with less, they are seeking versatile, high performing equipment that can be easily integrated into their increasingly automated lines. Eagle Product Inspection is delivering on this need and anticipating future needs with advanced inspection systems and software that perform multiple tasks as part of automated operations.

The newly enhanced Eagle Tall PRO XS is an example of this capability. A compact machine designed for the x-ray inspection of cans, jars and bottles and ideal for manufacturers with limited line space, the Eagle Tall PRO XS provides superior contaminant detection and automatic rejection on lines at line rates in excess of 1000 PM. The multifunctional system helps manufacturers increase productivity with less labor by simultaneously performing inline product integrity checks, such as fill level inspection and mass measurement.

The Eagle Tall PRO XS, as with other Eagle x-ray systems, help improve automation via advanced software. Proprietary SimulTask PRO software provides quality assurance traceability, along with advanced image analysis and on-screen diagnostics. The machine also can be used with Eagle’s TraceServer software for enhanced collection of images and information in a centralized database. Remote technical support is available.

“A multifunctional x-ray system is an investment that will pay for itself in the future by protecting products and brands at a fast pace and with minimal labor requirements,” says Christy Draus, Marketing Manager for Eagle. “A best-in-class design, paired with multiple tube and detector configurations and with the latest software, leads to the best results.”

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