Nicholas Meats, a Clinton County, Pa., meat processor, has reopened after being idled for about two weeks. The processor was closed on February 23 after the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection ordered the company to stop spreading food processing residuals (FPRs) on snow-covered fields.

Nicholas Meats, which employs about 350 people and has 150 contract workers, opened on March 3 after the snow had melted off the fields. According to PennLive, the company provided training to its employees and kept paying them during the shutdown.

The PDEP has stated that it ordered the company only to refrain from spreading FPRs on snow-covered fields. The company said that it had no choice but to cease operations after its appeal was denied by the Environmental Hearing Board.

“We continue to have discussions with the DEP and remain hopeful that we can find a workable solution,” said Brian Miller, director of sustainability at Nicholas.

The PDEP states that spreading FPRs on fields is permissible, but not when the fields are covered with snow. Nicholas meats processes about 600 cattle a day in its Loganton, Pa., facility.

Source: PennLive