An animal welfare rule that was delayed and withdrawn by the Trump Administration may get a new look by the Biden Administration, reports the Capital Press. The Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices Rule would have included new standards for raising, transporting and slaughtering animals. It was to have gone into effect in 2017 but was delayed and ultimately withdrawn by the USDA under the Trump Administration in 2018. The agency said the rule exceeds its statutory authority and could have a negative effect on voluntary participation in the National Organic Program.

The Organic Trade Association, which challenged the implementation delay and withdrawal of the rule, filed a motion in December 2020 to extend the deadlines for summary judgment briefing to permit the incoming administration time to evaluate the case. The OTA and USDA have jointly requested another extension. The OTA did not comment to the Press about the ongoing negotiation but stated that it has been in favor of the full reinstatement of the final rule. Four Democratic Congress members have also sent a letter to President Biden to reinstate the rule.

By withdrawing the final rule, the Trump administration “erroneously concluded that the Organic Food Production Act does not authorize existing federal organic livestock and stand-alone animal welfare standards,” they said.

Source: Capitol Press