Volpi Foods, the St. Louis-based, 4th-generation Italian family-owned and operated producer of specialty cured meats since 1902, announces the addition of a new cured meat product, Jamon Serrano, the Spanish counterpart to the brand’s highly acclaimed Traditional Prosciutto. This Spanish-inspired ham is crafted with care and aged a minimum of 12 months to impart a distinct depth of flavor. The new product will be available in a pre-sliced 3-ounce package at select retailers across the country.

Volpi Foods Marketing Manager Deanna Depke explains, “Prior to the pandemic Jamon Serrano was on the rise in the United States, and we’ve seen demand continue to increase.  After the past year of cooking at home, consumers are looking to satiate their desire for travel through new foods and flavors. Jamon Serrano allows for that exploration and encourages shoppers to elevate their everyday and special occasion recipes.” 

The Jamon Serrano is available for purchase in 3 ounce portions and comes in Volpi’s signature Eco-Pack, a paper-based packaging that uses 70 percent less plastic than standard deli packs. The waste-reducing packaging is a first for the pre-sliced meat industry and showcases Volpi’s commitment to responsible practices. 

Volpi Foods