The North American Meat Institute launched a new Emerging Leaders Program that applies the vision of the Meat Institute’s Protein PACT to future industry executives who are ready to take the next step in their leadership journey.

The Protein PACT for People, Animals and the Climate of Tomorrow unified the Meat Institute and leaders across animal protein in the largest-ever effort to strengthen animal protein’s contributions to healthy people, healthy animals, healthy communities, and a healthy environment. Its vision is to better align the industry with consumer, customer and investor expectations and drive future success of Meat Institute member businesses.

While staying committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, the Emerging Leaders Program convenes classes of Meat Institute members for a multi-faceted, year-long curriculum centered around the core pillars of the Meat Institute’s Protein PACT, which are: animal welfare, environmental impact, food safety, health and wellness, and labor and human rights. 

This unique program – sponsored by the Food Safety Net Services – prepares participants with the knowledge and understanding, at both the industry level and operational level, they need to champion continuous improvement within their own organizations and the industry. 

Participants will receive a curated experience, build relationships with their peers, develop leadership skills and become champions of the Protein PACT and the meat industry.

The application window is open from Aug. 1 through Aug. 31, 2021. After the deadline, the Meat Institute will select 10 winners who will each receive practical industry prizes.

Additional application details are available here. Contact Megan McCullough with any questions or for further details.

Source: NAMI