The makers of Columbus Craft Meats has announced the launch of three new delivery kits exclusively available for purchase on the brand’s website. The kits, called The UnexpectedRustic Beauty, and Smoky Vibesare part of the new Perfect Charcuterie Bite from Columbus—a distinctive, flavor-forward take on charcuterie that makes this trending cuisine more accessible and delicious than ever. Each kit of the Perfect Charcuterie Bite from Columbus comes with its own flavor profile and an easy-to-follow recipe shared by Evan Inada, charcuterie director with the company.

Perfect Charcuterie Bite from Columbus is the company’s way of taking this cherished culinary art form to bold new places. For consumers, it’s a way to easily create irresistible taste sensations of their own. Columbus Craft Meats wants to elevate your happy hour by turning it into Charcuterie Hour—a time to celebrate with friends and give charcuterie pairings the dedicated enjoyment time it deserves. Inada guides the experience through this world of next-level charcuterie, offering epicurean wisdom alongside practical advice.

“Each Perfect Charcuterie Bite takes you on a journey of delicious flavor combinations with salumi as our star,” Inada said. “We kept our builds simple yet elevated, allowing everyone to get in on the fun. Food has the power to transport you to a different time and place, so we name each board and share its story to help our consumers connect with charcuterie on a new, experiential and even emotional level.”

Inada describes the first three Perfect Charcuterie Bite from Columbus kits as follows:

  • The Unexpected features an unlikely ingredient combination at first blush, but the spicy and complex flavors unite in a mini symphony. Notes of cured pork umami from our classic Italian Dry Salami, spice, chocolate, peanuts, and apple swirl together for a delightful surprise.
  • The roots of Rustic Beauty reach the pastoral plains and sheer cliffs of Abruzzo, Italy. Striking for its slow-aged goodness, Sopressata melds with the cheese, and buttery, melt-in-your-mouth Prosciutto, combined with meaty Castelvetrano olives and dried strawberries make it easy to imagine yourself transported to the rugged terrain stretching to the Mediterranean.
  • Deep notes of peppery, smoky heat from our Chorizo Salame run through Smoky Vibes like a virtuoso bass solo, a foundation for the play of brilliant flavor pairings to come. Chorizo, coffee, and dark chocolate almond together produce a deep, satisfying richness and texture. This bite harmonizes traditional Spanish smoke and spice with bold new ideas for unforgettable flavors and textures.

In addition to the kits, consumers can find more Perfect Charcuterie Bite from Columbus recipes on the brand’s website. There, consumers can continue to explore a variety of flavor combinations to discover their favorites, including these builds: 

  • Parisian Picnic features summery, buttery flavors evocative of your favorite picnic spot. The mild sweetness of Rosette De Lyon Salami along with mimolette cheese and fresh blueberries build a warm, slow-aged deliciousness. 
  • The North Beach is reminiscent of our company’s roots when our founders brought the taste of Italy to North Beach, San Francisco just over one century ago. Mellow Finocchiona brings out herbal notes in the basil, which raises the creamy, delicate burrata, blending with cherry tomatoes dressed in olive oil for rich, classic Italian flavors. 
  • Bold & Bleu combines pear, pecan, chocolate and caramel for a luscious play of sweet, creamy, and salty notes. Peppery Calabrese Salami triggers a subtle heat that pairs beautifully with the creaminess of bleu cheese.

All Perfect Charcuterie Bite from Columbus recipes include beer and wine recommendations to enhance tasting notes as well. The brand team plans to continue releasing new recipes to the Columbus brand website on an ongoing basis.

Source: Columbus Craft Meats