Wildtype, a startup creating sushi-grade cultivated salmon, has announced distribution agreements with SNOWFOX and Pokéworks. SNOWFOX operates sushi bars at 1,230 grocery locations nationwide and Pokéworks operates 65 fast casual restaurants, with plans to grow to over 100 stores by 2023. These first-of-their-kind retail and restaurant partnerships pave the way for consumers to experience Wildtype’s cultivated salmon once the company’s manufacturing capabilities achieve the required scale.

“Our agreements with Pokéworks and SNOWFOX will help introduce Wildtype’s cultivated salmon to people looking for healthy seafood options that are actually sustainable,” said Justin Kolbeck, co-founder and CEO of Wildtype. 

“This is a significant milestone as we move closer to bringing ourcultivated salmon to restaurants, grocery stores, and eventually kitchen tables across the U.S.,” said Aryé Elfenbein, Wildtype’s co-founder and chief scientist.

As a business in cultivated seafood (growing salmon in a brewery-like cellular agriculture system without the need for fishing or fish farming), Wildtype sought out mission-aligned brands to expand access to sustainable seafood products.

“We are proud to partner with Wildtype to help pioneer a new technology for sustainable seafood,” said Mike Chen, Pokéworks co-founder and president. “With advances in cellular agriculture, we will be able to offer our guests premium salmon protein while lessening the impact on ocean populations.”

The new agreements come three months after Wildtype launched its San Francisco pilot facility, and as the company focuses on scaling production and preparing for FDA approval and market launch. While these partnerships highlight the promise of cellular agriculture at scale, Wildtype salmon will first be available in fine dining restaurants before restaurant chains and grocery stores.

"What Wildtype is doing has the potential to lead the food business toward a completely different value chain,” explains Stacy Kwon, SNOWFOX CEO. “SNOWFOX is proud to partner with Wildtype and support the company’s scientific breakthrough.”

Source: Wildtype