The owner of a Grand Rapids, Mich., meat market is a hero after using CPR to save the life of a customer in November. Gary Szotko, proprietor of Lewandowski’s Market, was fortunately a 28-year veteran of the Grand Rapids Fire Department.

According to WZZM News, Fred Bivins had visited the market for smoked kielbasa. He talked with Szotko for about 15 minutes and went to exit the market. He returned to the counter, only to collapse in front of Szotko.

"Fred's eyes just rolled right into the back of his head. So I knew what was happening," Szotko said.

Bivins spent more than three weeks in the hospital but has recovered and went back to Lewandowski to offer his thanks. “One doctor said you were dead before he hit the floor, and the only thing that got you back was Gary. He knew how to do CPR, and that's what saved my life,” he said.

“I have a second chance at life because of this man, and there was no way I was going to go home from the hospital without stopping to thank him. And I'll thank him every day of my life of my second life,” Bivins said.

Source: WZZM News