DuPont Sustainable Solutions, a global operations consulting firm, has announced it will operate under a new name: dss+ (pronounced ‘dss plus’). Since DuPont Sustainable Solutions became an independent consulting firm after separating from DuPont in 2019, it has evolved and enhanced its capabilities through organic growth and the acquisition of three organizations to improve the breadth and depth of capabilities in operational excellence, sustainability, and ESG (Environmental, Social, & Governance).

“I am thrilled to announce our new brand name which represents the exponential capability we have to help companies work safer and smarter, with purpose and impact, “ said Davide Vassallo, chief executive officer of dss+. “Purpose is central to everything we do at dss+ and reflects our continued commitment to saving lives and creating a sustainable future and positive impact for future generations.”

The dsspurpose and commitment to protecting people remains at the core of the brand. To meet the changing needs of clients, dss+ has expanded its solutions to help companies across a variety of industries to protect, transform, and sustain their operations. Through these expanded solutions, dss+ will help its clients build organizational and human capabilities, manage risk, improve operations, achieve sustainability goals and operate more responsibly.

“Together with our clients, we aim to enhance business performance, benefit the planet, and help people get home safely to their family, friends, and loved ones every day,” said Vassallo.

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Source: DuPont Sustainable Solutions / dss+