Polar Leasing Company, Inc. has announced Bolin Services as its newest depot. Bolin Services will now offer Polar Leasing Company’s innovative, ground-ready outdoor walk-in freezer and refrigerated rental units to the greater St. Louis area.  

Polar Leasing Company provides North America’s largest fleet of its kind and leases units exclusively through a national distribution network. “Polar Leasing has been great to work with. Their team culture is contagious, and we have felt welcome from the beginning,” says Eric Bolin, president of Bolin Services. “Our sister company, Lazer Tow, was a partner and said how great it was to work with Polar Leasing. Now, we can certainly say the same.” 

Located in Florrisant, Missouri, just 10 miles from downtown St. Louis, Bolin Services, already well known for its top-notch transportation and hauling, can now meet customers’ needs for refrigerated containers. 

“Polar Leasing is expanding our footprint across the United States. We look for depots like Bolin Services that prioritize a customer’s need for mobile units,” says Bart Tippmann, president of Polar Leasing. “Having a partner in Bolin Services allows us to bring St. Louis our industry-leading refrigerated containers. Both of our companies are family owned and hold similar values, making this a strong partnership.” 

Polar Leasing offers the largest North American fleet of electric, ground-resting outdoor walk-in freezer and refrigerated rentals, delivered pre-assembled and ready to operate with a simple electrical connection. As gas and diesel prices continue to surge and customer demand is escalating for electric alternatives, Polar Leasing provides an economical solution with no fuel requirement. 

State-of-the-art walk-in units are made in the U.S.A, simple to set up and feature a small footprint. Hassle-free short-term units are perfect for many commercial needs, from food and pharmaceutical storage to emergency situations and disaster response. 

For more information about Polar Leasing, call 877-428-2532, or visit www.polarleasing.com. To learn more about Bolin Services, call 314-831-8800, or visit www.bolinservices.com