April is all about the "heat" and the "sweet" at White Castle, America's first fast-food hamburger chain and home of The Original Slider.  The 1921 Slider with ghost pepper cheese is making its triumphant return.

The 1921 Slider with ghost pepper cheese features a seared and seasoned 100% beef patty and is topped with caramelized grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, two pickles and a slice of blazing hot ghost pepper cheese. Those fixings are nestled between White Castle's signature bun, made in its very own bakeries.

Inspired by the very first hamburger White Castle made when it opened in 1921, the 1921 Slider became a permanent menu item in April 2021. The 1921 Slider with ghost pepper cheese first appeared on the menu as a limited time offering in 2022 and became an instant hit with customers. Ghost pepper cheese is also available to add on any slider on the menu. The 1921 Slider with ghost pepper cheese is available April 10 through June 18 or while supplies last.

"We're always looking for ways to give Cravers what they want, and they've been vocal in letting us know they were looking forward to the return of the 1921 Slider with ghost pepper cheese," said Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle. "This Slider embraces the spice of the cheese while maintaining the flavors and deliciousness that Cravers anticipate every visit."

White Castle is introducing something else in addition to these limited-time menu items. This summer, the restaurant brand is also rolling out a new design for its 20-slider Crave Clutch. Sporting a karaoke machine, the Crave Clutch is a suitable package for families and small gatherings. Representing everyday slider value, the Crave Clutch is a convenient option for families on the go or friends hosting a weekend gathering.

"The importance of value for families has been at the core of our service model since day one," Richardson said. "As its name suggests, the Crave Clutch certainly comes in clutch for Cravers looking for wiggle room in their budget while still enjoying a satisfying meal."

Source: White Castle