PIAB’s new BL40-5 and BL50-4 suction cups provide efficient bag handling for food and non-food contents ranging from fragile to dense and liquid products. PIAB’s BL-4 and BL-5 families of bag-handling suction cups reduce air leakage with unique designs to compensate for hard-to-handle, flexible packages. Designed with a long, stable bellow and flexible lip, suction cups in these families mold to bag surfaces and maximize surface area coverage. Suction cups in PIAB’s BL-4 and BL-5 product lines are available in three unique sizes (30, 40 and 50 millimeters) and perform within a temperature range of -60 degrees C to 200 degrees C. Additionally, the suction cups are made of a silicone material complying with FDA standards for direct contact with food items, especially important for top-loading applications.

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