Canada Hosting World Meat Congress

This year’s program provides valuable insights into factors and situations influencing the future of the international meat industry’s future.
Meat and allied-industry executives from around the world will converge upon beautiful Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada from June 14 to 17 to attend the 15th World Meat Congress at the Winnipeg Convention Center. This year’s theme is “The World Meat Industry at a Crossroads.”
The theme suggests that pivotal decisions increasingly are facing the industry and forcing it to build a more promising future through clear strategies that focus on the needs of a vertically integrated meat industry. This will demand new synergies among stockbreeders, businessmen, industrialists, producers, and governments in order to create a strategic alliance that will complement the economic prosperity of the multi-partner mosaic.
Meat of the matter
Professionals from the international meat industry will focus on the evolution of the meat industry from its production-driven, domestically focused, and nationally regulated beginnings to the current global status within a market-driven economy striving towards increasingly free international trade. Open dialog among industry professionals will address issues relating to food security, quality assurance, guarantee of origin, crisis management, and consumer confidence. One key component of the Congress will be the strategy sessions on agricultural policy led by representatives from the World Trade Organization, European Community, the United States, and the federal government.
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