JTM Food Group has added a new fully cooked, 5-ounce Steakhouse Beef Burger to its menu of more than 600 products. JTM’s new 5-ounce Steakhouse fully cooked beef burger is equivalent to a 7.5 ounce uncooked burger. They are ideal for a variety of foodservice venues, including convenience stores, sandwich shops, university cafeterias, caterers, military posts and restaurants.

“JTM’s new 5-oz. Steakhouse Beef Burger is not only big but like all of our burgers, it is designed to stay juicier longer and is loaded with flavor in every bite,” said Jack Maas, Jr., vice president, sales, for JTM Food Group. “These burgers are made from fresh ground beef, then lightly seasoned and cooked to perfection using our state-of-the-art cooking system. The result is a great, juicy burger with excellent flavor and texture. Every customer will always receive a burger cooked to perfection.”

This new burger is fully cooked to reduce preparation time and increase food safety. They are individually quick frozen and packed in four 16-count bags for convenience. The Beef Burger is steamable and ovenable but also works well on a griddle or charbroiler, making it fit any culinary environment. JTM’s fully cooked manufacturing facility has enough capacity to run 65,000 lbs of beef per day, or more than one million burgers per week. The JTM Food Group menu now includes more than 600 food items.

“In its trend watch for 2011, BurgerBusiness.com suggested that burgers are getting simpler but higher in quality,” added Maas. “We’re certainly seeing that trend play out and wanted to provide our culinary and food service customers with a beefier, juicier, higher-quality burger option. We cook and develop products so our customers can concentrate on creating great dishes, and this product delivers.”


Source: JTM Food Group