Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s announced their newest creation, the Steakhouse Burgers. The Six Dollar Burger and Thickburger versions of the Steakhouse Burgers feature a charbroiled, 100% Black Angus beef patty with A.1. steak sauce, crumbled blue cheese, crispy onion strings, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise all on a seeded bun, and are available now at all Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. restaurants.

“Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s have been bringing sit-down-restaurant-quality burgers to fast-food customers for years now but this one really ups the ante,” said Brad Haley, chief marketing officer for Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. “We have tested a number of burgers with A.1. steak sauce, crumbled blue cheese or crispy onion strings in the past, but they never quite reached the level of a truly great burger that we require in order to introduce them nationwide. It wasn’t until we ran across a burger in a steakhouse with all three toppings combined that we knew we had found it. In fact, the resulting new Steakhouse Burgers garnered the highest consumer research scores we’ve ever seen in a test market. And, when we served them to our advertising agency, David & Goliath, for the first time, the creative team said they were so good they ‘tasted like they were made by the god of hamburgers,’ and that idea ended up being the basis for the advertising campaign.”

The advertising for Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s new Steakhouse Burgers will introduce Hamblor, the mythical god of hamburgers. The ad campaign by Los Angeles-based agency David&Goliath features the epic telling of how Hamblor created the Steakhouse Burgers. The 30-second TV spot shows Hamblor in his fabled kingdom firing onion strings from his powerful hands and making a blue cheese bust of himself crumble by using nothing but his mighty voice. The ad also features Hamblor’s adoring goddesses and his trusty, giant St. Bernard, carrying a cask of A.1. sauce around his neck. The commercial can be viewed on the brands’ YouTube channels ( and


Source: CKE Restaurants Inc.