Increasing veal as a menu item at casual- and fine-dining establishments is a key goal of the Veal Go-To-Market strategy established by The Beef Checkoff Program. The Veal Go-To-Market strategy is the centerpiece of the Veal Long Range Plan, which was implemented in 2010, and is designed to encourage consumers to choose veal more often by integrating the retail, foodservice, veal issues management and Veal Quality Assurance programs in a collective education and marketing effort to communicate the value and versatility of veal.

Veal is a delicious and versatile protein that provides chefs with the canvas to create unique and traditional veal dishes that sell. It is no surprise then that leading restaurant chains such as Buca di Beppo, The Palm Restaurant and Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar have added new veal selections to their menus.

New or expanded veal selections have shown up on the menu of leading casual- and fine-dining restaurants over the last year as a result of The Beef Checkoff foodservice marketing team’s involvement in recipe development and strategic counsel.

Wait-staff trained in veal

Communicating the value and versatility of veal to foodservice and restaurant decision-makers is just the first step. Success is also dependent upon the restaurant’s ability to sell and market veal menu items. An informed wait-staff can make the difference and help encourage consumers to choose veal more often.

As a result, two new smartphone training modules were created in 2011 to give wait-staff the knowledge and expertise to sell and suggest veal menu items to customers. The modules can be easily accessed from numerous smartphones and provide an overview of veal — from the farm to the table. Smartphone training is flexible and cost-effective for every foodservice establishment and helps put veal information in the hands of the staff that interact directly with veal customers.

The next big idea in veal

What’s the next big idea for veal on the menu? That’s the question that was posed to a think tank of leading corporate chefs, chain operators and educators at the 2011 “Veal Big Idea Conference.” Five leading corporate chefs developed new menu ideas and reviewed 18 new veal recipes that are easy to prepare and can be adapted for a variety of price points. Unique recipes such as Grilled Veal “Pops” with Yogurt Herb Sauce have piqued the excitement of the culinary community.

Tomorrow’s chefs, today’s veal farms

Positioning veal as a profitable and palate-pleasing choice for chefs and consumers is vital to the long-term viability of the family-owned farms that raise veal. Veal farm tours were conducted for culinary students, educators and chefs to showcase the quality animal care, responsible farm management and commitment to food safety practiced at veal farms every day.

Kendall College School of Culinary Arts in Chicago and The Art Institute of Philadelphia took advantage of The Beef Checkoff farm tour program to expose culinary students to every aspect of veal farming and veal production.

America’s farmers and ranchers are committed to producing safe and wholesome veal products on today’s veal farms and the Veal Go-To-Market strategy and work of The Beef Checkoff Program continues to seek opportunities to expand consumer access to, and interest in, veal.

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