Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, announced that its proven Thermo Scientific E scan in-line process analyzer is now available for ground meat applications.

The E scan analyzer provides real-time fat, protein and moisture percentage information that gives meat processors a critical tool to accurately meet specifications.

“Being off by as little as one percent can cost an operation thousands of dollars in wasted lean product over the course of a week. That’s why it is critical for ground meat processors to have accurate, real-time information regarding their fat, protein and moisture content. The cost-effective E scan can give them that,” said Rick Cash, marketing technology manager, Thermo Fisher.
Ground meat processing operations typically use time-consuming off-line analyzing methods that only check random samples. More recently, however, some have elected to use more expensive X-ray systems or near infrared (which only measures content at the product surface).

The E scan analyzer is based on guided microwave spectrometer (GMS) technology and offers faster, more accurate test results than what is currently available. The analyzer has no moving parts or optical sensors and continuously measures all of the ground meat coming through the pipeline. The GMS technology enables the E scan analyzer to “see through” the product, measure its constituents and provide immediate information about fat, protein, moisture and other content.

“No business likes to give their product away, but it tends to be a frequent occurrence for ground meat processors because they do not have an accurate handle on their product’s fat/lean ratio,” Cash explained. “Ground meat is never homogenous; offline analysis is guaranteed to have sampling error. Because the inline E scan analyzer provides measurements that are truly representative of the entire pipeline—not just random samples—inline analysis eliminates this error and gives processors the precise information needed to modify output in real time.”

In addition to reducing raw material costs, the E scan analyzer can help meat processors prevent energy waste, improve productivity and help attain quality and consistency objectives.

The E scan analyzer is easy to calibrate, integrates seamlessly into the process without flow obstruction and eliminates the need for constant offline lab testing. It is easy to operate via a 15-inch touch screen, which also provides a continuous process graph over 30 minutes, 8- or 24-hours.

The analyzer also has a proven track record for providing accurate constituent information for a variety of applications including dairy, peanut butter and snack foods.

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