Pulaski Meat Products, a family-owned USDA-inspected meat processing plant located in Linden, N.J. announced its line of hand crafted meats are now available for retail distribution. The Pulaski Meats’ line consists of a vast array of European-style smoked meats including the very best Kielbasa, Sausage, Hams, Baby Back Ribs and Bacon. With over 44 years of family tradition and experience, Pulaski Meats offers retailers, wholesalers and distributors a line of meats that are truly unique and are made for today’s ever expanding consumer palates.

Pulaski Meats are based upon Old World recipes and are made by hand by an elite group of Polish butchers who have spent years in Europe apprenticing before immigrating to the United States. Pulaski Meats is now offering retailers, wholesalers and distributors a line of smoked meats and non-smoked meats. Pulaski Meats also offers interested parties with a private label program.

“You can find a lot of products in the marketplace today claiming to be original, but sadly today, it’s more in name than in substance. When consumers taste our products, they immediately realize what they’ve been missing. It’s a revelation,” says Judy Preiss, one of the owners of Pulaski Meats. “People tell us they finally understand why our Kielbasa or Smoked Baby Back Ribs became legendary products to begin with. With a single taste, they understand our family’s commitment to making the finest meat products available today.”

Pulaski Meats Smoked Sausage line consists of the following consumer favorites: Kielbasy, Kriana, Spicy Kabanosy, Beer Kabanosy, Weselna and Polska Kielbasy.

Pulaski Meats Smoked Ham line consists of the following consumer favorites: Old Fashion Ham, Hunters Ham, Cottage Ham, Boneless Smoked Country Style Ham and Smokey Mountain Carving Ham.

Pulaski Meats also offers Smoked Pork Loins, Smoked Baby Back Ribs, Smoked Pancetta and full line of Bacon that includes: Canadian Bacon, Rib Bacon, Slab Bacon, Baked Bacon Parprikash Bacon, Black Forest Bacon and Smoked Pancetta.

Pulaski Meats provides wholesalers and distributors with a product line that provides flexibility from single products to a full line that can be expanded across supermarket deli departments.

All of Pulaski Meats are hand crafted using only the finest cuts of meat and ingredients in producing their products and are made under strict USDA Good Manufacturing Practices.

“Since 1966, our family mission has been to make authentic products that taste great and provide consumers with a delicious food experience. And, I’m proud to say that we have been able to maintain that mission for the past 44 years. We want to reunite consumers with the real “old fashioned” succulent flavor of pork we remember from days gone by,” stated Preiss.

Source: Pulaski Meat Products