Manda Fine Meats announced it will reintroduce deli meats and specialty meat products to the market as early as this weekend, with distribution nearing previous levels within a few weeks. These product lines were pulled from distribution during a recall last month.

“Manda is greatly appreciative of the support we have received from our customers,” said Bobby Yarborough, CEO of Manda. “We have made safe, wholesome meat products for 66 years. We’re very happy to be able to continue that legacy, and we thank our community and our loyal customers for giving us the support to do so.”

Manda has secured alternative USDA-approved facilities to produce its roast beef, ham, turkey breast, hog head cheese, corned beef and pastrami. The products will be made with the same quality ingredients and recipes to produce our unique Manda flavor. Manda’s sausage products were never affected by the recall, as they are produced at a different facility in Baton Rouge, La.

A thorough investigation and environmental study was conducted at Manda’s Baker, La. facility immediately following the product recall. Results of the study showed the facility is extremely clean; however, one of the 171 environmental samples taken was a potential concern.

“Making sure our facilities go above and beyond industry food safety standards is a priority for Manda Fine Meats. One questionable sample is one too many,” said Yarborough.

The Baker facility will remain idle while the company evaluates its future production needs.

Source: Manda Fine Meats