Ramar Foods, a California based company that produces high quality Filipino cuisine introduces product lines of Kusina, Turo Turo Gourmet, and Pampanga’s best bring the taste of the Philippines right to the world’s table.


Kusina (“kitchen” in Filipino) offers an array of chicken, pork, and vegetable full meals with scrumptious flavors. Its spiced Adobo (available in chicken or pork) blends vinegar and garlic with hints of soy sauce and black pepper to create a tangy marinade. Turo Turo Gourmet offers party packs and finger foods to make the preparation of barbecue skewers fast and convenient. The barbecue skewers come marinated and ready to grill. Pampanga Best is home to a plethora of recipes that are passed down for generations and include such favorites as longanisa (a Philippine-style sausage), hamonado (a sweeter version of longanisa), tocino (a cured sweet and savory cutlet-style meat usually served for breakfast with garlic rice and an egg), tapa (a traditional cured seasoned beef), and lumpia (Filipino-style egg rolls). Ramar Foods’ easy to prepare meals such as, Kusina, Turo Turo Gourmet, and Pampanga’s Best allow the palate to travel and go so far as to sample the popular flavors all the way from the Philippines within the comfort of home.