June 17th marked yet another major milestone at Stay Fresh Foods as the company celebrated the arrival of its second high pressure processing (HPP) system. Members of the Stay Fresh Foods team, along with partner Avure Technologies, watched with enthusiasm as the semi-truck hauled the new Avure HPP system into the unloading area.

Shortly after the delivery, crews unloaded and started installing the new 350-liter system into Stay Fresh Foods’ 16,000-square-foot addition, which will provide necessary space for more efficient processing of juices, deli meats, wet salads, ready-to-eat meals, and other HPP treated foods and beverages. The new HPP system and the facility expansion are the results of Stay Fresh Foods’ continued commitment to accommodate the processing needs of its existing customer base, as well as make room for producers who are adding HPP to their safety and shelf-life strategies.

“Today, we’re not just celebrating our expansion, but also the success our customers are experiencing with HPP as a part of their approach to production,” says Amy Lawless, Managing Director of Stay Fresh Foods. “When we see our customers grow as a result of our partnership with them, we take it very personally and celebrate with them as we have seen some of them double and even triple their output.”

“Stay Fresh Foods has enjoyed great success serving the northeast through their dedication to quality and service,” says Matt Rutherford, Senior Vice President of Sales for Avure Technologies. “The addition of this 350L to their fleet of HPP equipment will not only help them serve their customers with greater capacity, but will also provide more flexibility and reliability,” he added.

Stay Fresh Foods has experienced a broadening customer base as area producers not only learn the value of HPP, but also that HPP processing is available and affordable to them through the toll processing model offered by Stay Fresh Foods.

“This expansion will put us in even a better position to assure juice and other producers that we have ample room to meet their current and future production needs,” says Joe Ragozzino, Vice President of Operations for Stay Fresh Foods, referring to the flourishing fresh juice market.

The company estimates that at least 40 new jobs will be created as a result of this expansion. Contact Amy Lawless, Managing Director, at 855-477-8655 to learn more about the services available at Stay Fresh Foods or go to http://www.stayfreshfoods.com.

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