Heat and Control CEO OvenHeat and Control Inc. has perfected product browning in a spiral oven with its new CEO Color Enhancing Oven. Available in single and twin-drum models, CEO combines controlled browning of both sides of products with uniform high-volume cooking.

“CEO develops appetizing product color and flavor during the final stages of cooking where these enhancements are most effective,” explains James Padilla, of Heat and Control. “After listening to our customers and spending months on R&D testing, Heat and Control has developed a color enhancement system that applies browning at the optimal point in the cooking process,” he adds. “Now our customers have the control to develop color on both sides of products, while enjoying all the benefits of high-capacity, high-yield cooking in a limited floor space.”

In addition to superior browning, the CEO spiral oven cooks product uniformly, where ever it is located on the conveyor belt. Hot, moisture-controlled air is evenly distributed in a 360-degree pattern to ensure equal and uniform heating across all tiers. Steam, dry heat, or a combination of both are controlled independently to provide optimal cooking conditions for different products.

Fully modulating moisture control with natural gas or thermal fluid heating produce an optimal cooking environment. PLC control with easily accessible process parameters for multiple products provides repeatable browning and cooking with fast changeovers.

“We invite processors to test their products on the CEO Spiral Oven now operating at our Hayward, CA Technical Center,” concludes Padilla. To schedule a visit, please contact Heat and Control at (800) 227-5980 or info@heatandcontrol.com.