Marel announced that it will move its Des Moines manufacturing operations, one function of the company formerly known as Townsend Engineering Company, to a sister facility in Gainesville, Georgia later this year. The move is the result of a company-wide initiative to increase operational effectiveness.

Marel is comprised of several different organizations which have merged over the past few years. One of these organizations is the former Townsend Engineering. In 2014 Marel embarked on a company-wide strategy called “Simpler, Smarter, Faster” to increase effectiveness and efficiencies within the combined organization. As a result of this initiative the Des Moines manufacturing operation will relocate to Gainesville, Georgia by the end of 2015. Doing so will allow the business to streamline and ensure continued growth in a competitive industry.

“Our company has historically and will continue to play an important and innovative role in the meat processing industry,” said Del Lasswell, Des Moines Location Director of Finance. “This operational change will allow the Des Moines facility to focus completely on innovation, sales and service functions to continue providing high quality solutions for our customers.  One of our immediate priorities in the coming weeks and months will be to focus on supporting our employees and helping them transition successfully.”

 The transition process will begin in January of 2015, with completion before the end of the year. Approximately 70 employees will be affected. After the transition is complete, the Des Moines sales, service and innovation team will focus on the delivery of new and existing products.