Linde Cryoline CW Freezer 225.jpgAt the 2015 Seafood Processing North America Show, March 15-17 in Boston, Linde LLC will feature its proprietary freezing and chilling solutions that boost productivity while maintaining or improving process and seafood quality.  The CRYOLINE® CW (CRYOWAVE®) IQF freezer will be on display at booth #1975.

Linde’s in-line cryogenic freezing systems apply flash freezing technologies using either carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen, while Linde automated chilling systems chill with carbon dioxide (CO2) snow. (See below.)

Our cryogenic solutions can open up opportunities for seafood processors that want to reach new markets across the country or internationally with high-value products where quality and flavor are paramount to success.”

             – Ed Cordiano, program manager, seafood industry, Linde LLC

“In seafood processing, the quality of the freezing or chilling process is one of the most important factors in preserving the freshness of seafood.  With state-of-the-art cryogenic freezers, some people might have a difficult time distinguishing between a fresh product refrigerated for 7-10 days and one that is flash frozen and thawed,” Cordiano said.

Cryogenic Freezing
Cryogenic processing benefits frozen seafood inside and out:  The rapid freezing process locks in moisture, while preserving the texture and freshness.  In contrast, conventional blast freezers cannot remove heat as rapidly, which leads to the formation of ice crystals around the cell membrane causing damage to the texture and flavor of the product.

  • The CRYOLINE® CW (CRYOWAVE®) IQF Freezer– Ideal for the individual quick-freezing of raw or cooked shrimp, and other IQF seafood products.  The freezer uses a patented “rolling wave” action to keep products separate as they freeze.  The CRYOWAVE applies a rapid freeze using either liquid carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen.
  • The CRYOLINE® XF (Crossflow) Spiral Freezer– Ideal for raw, cooked, marinated or breaded fish fillets and other thick or high-value seafood products.  The patented freezer delivers a consistent flow of cryogen across the belt for more rapid and even freezing.

Chilling with CO2 Snow
For fresh seafood processing, generating CO2 snow on demand or on a scheduled basis can eliminate dry ice purchases and the associated storage space and handling of dry ice bins, as well as the inconvenience of water ice, while improving efficiency and lowering operating costs.  It also can reduce the worker safety issues associated with storing, moving and shoveling dry ice by hand.

  • Linde DRI-PACK® Automated Box Chilling System– Ideal for chilling fresh fish, fish fillets, raw shrimp and other raw seafood normally packed in boxes.  This automated box-chilling system chills food directly in boxes with CO2 snow for improved productivity and shelf-life.
  • Linde ACCU-CHILL® CSG-4 Snow Generator– Ideal for chilling fresh fish, clams, oysters, mussels, shrimp, lobster and other seafood.  With this new CO2 snow generator, plastic or cardboard combo bins can be simply rolled into the enclosure, filled with CO2 snow, and then sent to a downstream processing area.

The Linde food team performs in-plant assessments to identify current cost-to-freeze or -chill and works with seafood processors to develop optimal process solutions. For more information, visit:, or call:  800-755-9277.